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How to Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Air Conditioning


Air conditioning is by far, one of the essential features of your car. Not only does it give you and your passengers relief from the heat on a hot day. A properly functioning AC also allows you to keep your windows rolled up, blocking out dust, pollution and noise. Voltaic are the experts in auto air conditioning in Perth, and we are dedicated to providing top quality service to all of our customers. WA summers can be scorching, so your car's air conditioner must be running optimally. Here are a few things you should do to ensure that you get the most out of your car's air conditioning system.


Clean Your Filter

Each vehicle has a cabin air filter. Cleaning and replacing this should be done regularly. A dirty filter reduces airflow and forces the air conditioning to work harder. It may be best to have your auto air conditioning service completed by your Perth Auto Electrician annually.


Don't Pre-Cool

Many drivers make the mistake of turning on the air conditioning to let the car cool down before taking off. The truth is, car air conditioning works much better when you're driving. The faster the engine turns, the faster the A/C compressor runs, which in turn, lets the system cool more effectively. Running your aircon before you go will only waste time and fuel. Suppose the inside of your car is uncomfortably hot. In that case, you can turn up the fan and open the rear windows for 10-20 seconds to circulate the hot air out of the vehicle before you get in.


Use Recirculation Mode

Auto air conditioning systems have a recirculation mode. This mode takes air from the front and pulls it back through the system to cool it further. Once the AC is blowing cold air in your face, turn on the recirculation mode. By doing this, it means that the AC system won't suck air from the outside, and it will use the one in the cabin. That will require the system to work less to cool the car down further.


Set It Low 

Efficiently cooling your car can be done by keeping the setting on the lowest temperature and adjusting the fan to make it either colder or warmer. By choosing a higher temperature, it means you are forcing your car to re-heat the air and then cool it again. Doing this requires more effort by the car. If your vehicle has automatic climate control, it will adjust the temperature and fan automatically, which is even more efficient.


Point The Vents Towards the Roof

Pointing the vents at the roof instead of in your face will spread cold air around the vehicle faster, with even distribution. By doing this, it cools the car more effectively keeping everyone nice and cool, not just the driver.


Shut Down the Air Con Unit Correctly

At the end of your drive, turn off the air conditioning system before switching off your engine. If you keep the fan running, it will clear the evaporator and surrounding components. As well as avoiding some nasty smells, you'll help extend the life of the unit.


Get Your Car's Air Conditioning Serviced Regularly

Just as you get your car's engine serviced, the air conditioning should also be serviced at regular intervals. The best time to get this done is at the end of winter. When the season is changing, you can usually get the best prices and discounts. It will also ensure your air conditioning is in peak working order before the summer heat hits.


Want to find out more about getting the most out of your car air conditioning or need to book in for an auto air conditioning service in Perth? Call Voltaic today on (08) 6454 9916 to speak to one of our auto electrical service professionals, or book online now.

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