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Auto Air Conditioning Services


Here in Perth, our summers are real scorchers. Voltaic is here to help you get through the hot days in your vehicle.

Whether it’s repairs, maintenance or services (including re-gas), we are here to help.

Voltaic Auto Electrical has been performing air conditioning services & repairs in the Welshpool & Perth area. We have extensive knowledge in the field on all makes & models. We’ve kept up with the changes, offering our clients the best air conditioning service available. Using modern equipment and the latest diagnostic methods, Voltaic technicians know how to keep your air conditioning system running its best.


Signs your air conditioning system needs a service

Blows hot air from vents although you have it set to cold

Odd smells coming from your vents – could be an indication of mold in the system

Unusual banging or rattling sounds


If the air-conditioner in your car is not effective in cooling you off, don’t panic. Get your car aircon serviced so you will know the root of the problem and fix it before it worsens.

Every vehicle that needs a regas will be inspected by a technician first to ensure there are no faults to the system.

Keeping cool and comfortable is only a click away..

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