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Interlock Installation & Servicing Perth, WA

Voltaic Auto Electrical is now installing AJEN alcohol interlock systems in Perth, WA.


What is an alcohol interlock?

Alcohol interlock are an electronic breath analysis devices installed in vehicles that prevent the vehicle from being operated unless a breath sample is provided for analysis by the interlock. The alcohol interlock will prevent the vehicle from being started if the interlock detects alcohol equal to or greater than the pre-set 0.02% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit in the driver’s breath sample provided for analysis. Randomly timed breath tests must be provided when prompted by the interlock whilst driving a vehicle.

Note: Although the interlock is set at 0.02% BAC, alcohol offenders and interlock-restricted drivers are legally required to have a zero percentage BAC when driving. This requirement will remain until you successfully complete the Scheme.

The alcohol interlock records every breath sample provided and any attempt to tamper with the interlock. This information is used to monitor the separation of drinking and driving behaviour and determine if there has been a breach of the scheme requirements.

Only alcohol interlocks approved by the Chief Executive Officer Department of Transport WA, can be used by an interlock-restricted driver in Western Australia.

How long does it take for an installation of an interlock system?

Installation only takes a couple of hours. We ask that clients drop their vehicle to us in the morning (from 8:00am). A Voltaic representative will contact you when the vehicle is ready for collection.

How long does it take for an interlock service?

Services are a “drive in- drive out” style service which takes approximately 30 minutes.

Completing the alcohol interlock scheme

Once the participant has successfully demonstrated the separation of drinking and driving for a continuous period of 180 days (no breach events recorded). The Chief Executive Officer, Department of Transport WA will:

  • Remove the interlock condition from your driver’s licence;
  • Notify you in writing of the successful completion of the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme and that you may have the approved alcohol interlock removed from your vehicle by an accredited service provider such as Voltaic Auto Electrical.

How long does it take for an interlock device to be removed from my vehicle?

Approximately 1 hour.

Do I need to go to the same service centre that installed the system for servicing?

No. You can attend any AJEN Smart Start Interlock service centre.

Where can i find more information?

You can find more information at the Department of Transport – here

To make an appointment to have an interlock system installed, serviced, or removed from your vehicle contact our friendly staff to make an appointment Contact us


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