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Protekt 12V Car, Boat, Caravan 12 Volt GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a great tool for owners to keep track of their vehicle and to have piece of mind knowing they can find their assets in an instant. With a growing crime rate across Australia customers are looking for additional protection and are embracing GPS tracking technology.

Whether it’s your daily driver, classic, hot import, 4WD or work vehicle, the Protekt GPS tracking system is a simple option for customers to use.

After downloading the Protekt app, some of the features customers can enjoy include 24/7 Live Tracking access. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is towed or stolen, you can locate the physical address on the vehicle. Once in the vicinity of the vehicle you can sound the alarm, similarly to the “Find My Phone” application.


The small GPS tracking devise can be installed in a discrete location in your vehicle and out of sight from any prying eyes.

Pro-Tekt recommend having the unit professionally installed. 

Key Features        

  • 24/7 Live Tracking Capability
  • Extremely Small 3G GPS tracker – Just 88x45x13 (LWH)
  • Easy to hide and install 12V Device
  • SIM card with data plan included in subscription cost
  • 64Mb Internal memory stores over 1000 positions
  • 115db Remote Triggered Siren for accurate audible location
  • Powerful 66 Chanel GPS chip with AGPS /LBS positioning
  • 400mAh internal Backup Battery
  • IP65 Rated Protective Housing

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